Quilts from the House of Tula Pink

Tula Pink

20 Fabric projects to make, use & love

Tula Pink, the princess of fabric design, brings a new energy to traditional quilting. The debut book from this up-and-comer contains 10 awesome quilts as well as 10 bonus sewing projects to accompany each quilt in Pink's fresh, original style. With comprehensive instructions and beautiful illustrations hand-drawn by the author, the book is filled with Pink's aesthetic, most aptly described as ≴something to satisfy the new moms, without freaking out the grandmas.≵ Readers will learn about maximalist quilt design and how to emphasize patchwork design in quilting, as well as getting a peak into Pink's artistic fabric design process. All quilters will love the fresh aesthetic, as well as the time-saving techniques that will make just about any quilt easier to complete.

ISBN-13 9781440218187

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