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Facts About Marfy Patterns

  • Each MARFY PATTERN is cut and prepared totally by hand with great care and precision on onionskin paper.
  • To ensure a perfect fit, line and elegance, each pattern is tested, studied and perfected on fabric by a skilled team of professionals.
  • Each Marfy pattern is pre-cut and single-sized…there's no need to search through a maze of multiple cutting lines. They are ready to be placed on your fabric and cut out.
  • All sizing is European and all measurements are in centimeters. See the special Marfy Body Measurement Chart on each design page to calculate your size.
  • Fabric requirements are only estimates and are for your chosen size only. You need to calculate the amount of fabric required. Contrast and trims are not calculated.
  • The pattern tissue has minimal markings in four languages (Italian, English, French and Spanish). Letters indicate matching points for pattern sections.

These patterns offer a high-fashion, sophisticated home sewing experience for expert-level sewers.

Marfy Patterns:
  • Do not have cutting layouts
  • Do not have seam allowances
  • Do not have hem allowances
  • Do not have instructions for assembly
This offer is being made as a joint collaboration between Marfy and The McCall Pattern Company. Marfy is a separate and independent company from The McCall Pattern Company.
Marfy is sold on this site within the United States and Canada only. No returns will be accepted by The McCall Pattern Company or Marfy for Marfy patterns or catalogs purchased on this site.
Any questions regarding Marfy products should be sent to Marfy.