Marfy Dress
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Approximate fabric required: 1.70 meters (1.40 meters wide)

Note about yardage: The yardage indicated in the design description above refers to the base pattern, size 46. The necessary yardage may vary for other sizes.

Note about sizing: To ensure you select the right size, take your measurements carefully, without ease, and compare them with the size chart below.

  • For coats, jackets, dresses and blouses, follow the bust measurement.
  • For pants and skirts, follow the hip measurement.
  • For Bust and Hips measure at the widest point.
  • For Bust Height measure from the side of the neck to the fullest point of the bust.
  • For Front Waist measure from the side of the neck down to the waist.
  • For Back Waist measure from the highest part of the shoulder to the waist.

The size chart measurements do not include ease, which is incorporated in the patterns to assure a correct fit.

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