Color It Chic by You and Nancy Riegelman

Nancy Riegelman

Color It Chic is a chance for you to explore your creativity, to become your own designer and learn about clothes. Learn about shapes and ideas about fashion while developing your color knowledge. It features 144 pages of charming, whimsical fashion drawings which can be enjoyed and filled in in glorious colour as the reader sees fit.


"I first thought of the Color It Chic books as a fun way to illustrate some of the crazy, funny fashion ideas that float around my head, to show fashion in a different light and to challenge some of people's fashion preconceptions.

Then it occurred to me that if I made them coloring books the readers themselves could have some real "hands-on," interactive fun, as well as practicing their fashion drawing skills and exploring and experimenting with color.

I should also say that I try and give all my books and products a "special" feel, to make them objects that I myself would like to own and my readers also, hopefully, will appreciate."

—Nancy Riegelman


ISBN-13 9780970246370

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