Color It Chic: Dressy Interiors by You and Nancy Riegelman

Nancy Riegelman

More fun and whimsy in this upscale coloring book for all lovers of fashion, children and adults alike.

The latest offering in the Color it Chic series takes fashion indoors showing it as it appears through the ages in its original interior contexts. Fashion meets architecture meets you in this new book of original drawings by Nancy Riegelman ready for the reader's own coloring input.

One of the most interesting players in the world of contemporary interior design, art and fashion is Ralph Pucci, who has collaborated on a number of the drawings in this book.


"Here's your chance to create magic. Nancy Riegelman takes iconic still like images from the fashion and design world and lets her audience explore and create visual possibilities through color—get your crayons, pencils and markers ready—move over Andy, Kenny and Keith!"

—Ralph Pucci

"Fashion is usually seen in interior settings: there is always an interplay between the clothes and the interiors; the interiors frame and give context to the clothes; the clothes highlight and accentuate the interiors. They are designed for each other: like a couple they are sometimes in tension and sometimes they are in perfect harmony."

—Nancy Riegelman


ISBN-13 9780970246394

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