Color it Chic: Adorn + Accessorize by You and Nancy Riegelman

Nancy Riegelman

The second title in the Color it Chic series for those aficionados of fashion (and their offspring) looking for another way to express their creative fashion and artistic urges while learning about modern fashion.

'Adorn + Accessorize' is another unique collection of original fashion drawings, visual and textual musings created by Nancy Riegelman for pure fun and enjoyment.

The theme of this title is 'accessories'—all those things that go with different fashion outfits: hats, shoes, gloves, bags, jewels and more, woven into unusual and charming fashion drawings that can be adapted and coloured in according to the reader's taste and whims.


"Accessories are a way we express our individuality and tell stories about ourselves... and they sometimes take on a life of their own. Accessories are very dear to me and I have a lot of fun with them. I think that comes through in the book."

—Nancy Riegelman


ISBN-13 9780970246318

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